NeW CoMPeTiTioN aNd NYe MiX

Yoooo, Christmas has gone and so has NYE….hope all went good and you got your belly full,got all the presents…but you havent made us a present nor did we,so lets exchange present right here right now. i am gonna give you a present such as a mix we did not long ago…which is a bit cheesy at times but still …

ALLriGhT – aLiGhT MiXSeT by Allright on Mixcloud

And since you have no present for us you could go to
this link and at the end of the page press the “i like” button…its a competition that will get us playing in France and get us a bit of promotion possibly…it really means a lot to us, so please go and click,even my mum did it…have a good year and see you soon!

BTW, the competition main website is but its all written in french!

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