LeT No sHADoWs Be FouND wHErE DrEAmS aRe BoRN

The other day I went for a wee in my toilet and found written on the wall “let no shadows be found where dreams are born. KP 2010” where KP stands for Kevin Powder. I’m not really sure how to define this human being, maybe comedian/actor/filmmaker/promoter/stuntman/pornstar (?) (the list is endless). I only met him two weeks ago but it’s like I’ve known him for years. Kevin made his first appearance when he and his crew stopped on the street my friend Carlo, who is involved in sorting out club nights in venues like Fabric and The Egg and experienced in organizing warehouse parties in East London. Kevin proposed to him to get involved in his current project Carlo agreed. Since then Kevin has been part of our days with his exhilarating ideas and jokes. His profession is shooting funny film shorts that he poadcasts on youtube, check some of them yourself on these links

aLLriGhT has been asked to make an appearance on the movie he is currently making. It’s the story of Kevin English young man with a white limo who decides to organize a music event which will feature various styles of music from bands, music producers and djs. A serious amount of work, and to top that up he has decided to do so with the only help of people met randomly on the street, like Carlo. The film will culminate on the night of the party where Mike and I are playing. There is a lot of twists and turns in the movie plot (I’ve just been told the night dress code is “animals”!!! I’m thinking “swallow” for me and “toad” for Mike…) and Kevin’s fearless and in your face attitude makes the effort a crossbreed between Jack-ass and Smack the Pony. Don’t want to go too much in details because I not really sure what’s going on… if you ask me it looks all a crazy shambles!!!!!!!! but that’s what Kevin is like, a steady flow of foolish stories, unpredictable improvisations, enthusiastic ideas that will make this movie a different movie. I wouldn’t be surprised if he tomorrow turns up on a moe-pad saying he sold his limo for some cash to rent some strippers to exhibit at the party, that would be awesome!!!
Anyway this is a link for his website “kevinpowder.com” where you can find out more about him and his mission

a link for info about the party he is organizing held this Thursday at a secret location in east London

“One Night in Powder”

So if you want to meet the man behind all this, feature on his film and enjoy some great music and unusual fun come and join us for “One Night in Powder” warehouse party and expect the unexpected!



Skiddle event


Facebook event




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