What? Listen! … and usual nonesense

Hey guys! Unz update on whaz happening. “What? Listen!” the second release by aLLriGhT on our sister label aLLriGhT ReCorDs is out now so don’t waste your time reading this nonsense click on the link to get your copy


Still here? Ok I warned you.
This time I want to give you guys a quite detailed inside on how this track came to life and we approached it.
Mike started this track a while ago and when I listened to it for the first time I thought: What?! but then I listened again and again, listened and listened. I remember it becoming a nuisance, I couldn’t get ride of the hook! It was there doing my head in all day, going on a loop, what what what listen listen. What the fuck!!
 I took the challenge mainly to exorcise my possession and approached the project using only my left hand for obvious reasons. I clicked randomly with the cursor on the project moving the mouse from left to right, up and down in no particular order. I clearly remember listening to the Sesame Street theme while doing it, which probably played a big part on my inspiration. Then I rearranged the song parts in shape of a teddy bear holding a machine gun. Done! the track was finished, AND WHAT A BANGER!!! For the drum parts we used an empty Special K cardboard box and some old cutlery. Rest of the sounds usual stuff, flutes, xylophones, marimbas with my personal favorite, washing machine on gentle spin program!
We have done a video for the first release and we couldn’t let you down for this one (we know you were all waiting for it),  this time is a clip inspired by the movie “Vieni Avanti Cretino” with Lino Banfi and Alfonso Tomas… and dogs! Quite fun to watch!
The remixes appearing on the release take the track to very different grounds,
Phunx converting it into a techno-thumping beat (great I love it), Defreek exploring the future, pushing the limiter to the max (phaattt version man!) and
Musique That We Love, Ft.Fuorigiri guys it’all about Dirty Dutch! Great remix!

Coming up on aLLriGhT ReCorDs: Greek duo Digital Riot. The EP is called “Jack Your Body” and will include along with the originals remixes by aLLriGhT, Dablpee and 3dot, expect something completely different! Say no more!!next time folks!





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