InTerVieW WiTh GoBs oF ThE DeAD

Out today on aLLriGhT ReCorDs a track born from a collaboration between Gob the Zombie, Mike Dextro and Proper Villians, “Whoa! Jak”



Of the three “runaway outlaws” we managed to catch one, Gobs, and had him interrogated.

aR-Yoooo Gobs how are you today? …Not that good I guess, since last time I checked you were dead!……

G-It’s great being dead. Aside from the constant overwhelming hunger for brains, I’ve never felt better. You should try it.

aR-How did you first become a zombie and how does it feel to be one?

G-I was in a horrible car accident, and I woke up Dead. Memories of what happened that night are fuzzy. I’ve never been able to piece it together. Since then , I’ve made the most of the situation. I think I’m doing pretty well for a dead guy. Hmmm?

aR-How did the collaboration between Mike Dextro, Proper Villians and you come together? I understand they are not that much into this style of music.

G-We all love the tune. We wouldn’t have finished it if that wasn’t the case. It’s just quite different for all of us. I’ve been focusing on Moombah sounds, PV is all about Dubstep right now, and Mike D has been busy working on his Baryshnikov project.
Originally, I laid down the percussion, and vocals, but I wanted help with the synths, so I passed it to Proper Villains. He came up with that killer main hook, and then passed it to Mike Dextro to finish the tune.

aR-Tell me about you, what is your background and what are your influences?

G-Well, I’ll always be a raver at heart. I started out as a Gabber DJ, but became quite well known, in North America, as a Rave MC, so that became my main focus. I’ve always had a lot of love for anything with heavy bass, and I’m always interested in cutting edge music. After I died, I began focusing on producing and DJing. I’ve been living dead, now, for 5 years, and while my body has become increasingly more rotten, my producing continually gets better and better, as I learn more. This year, I’m planning to keep pushing Moombahcore, while also experimenting with Juke, Drumstep, and Electro resulting in my own unique sound that incorporates elements from my old Gabber roots.

aR-What was the first ever record that you bought and when did you start djing?

G-Shit, you’re gonna age me with this question. Ha! I’ve been sort of DJing since I was 12, but I started collecting vinyl in ’97. I honestly don’t remember what my first one was, but I’m proud to say that I have one of the best 90s record collections ever!

aR-What do you look for in a beat? …and in a brain?

G-I like my beats the way I like my brains: BIG & JUICY!

aR-How would you describe your sound?

G-Monster Bass.

aR-Here is a techy one, what gear are you using? Are you an hardware type or you prefer plug-ins?

G-Let’s get dorky! As far as DJing goes, I like pioneer products (CDJs and mixer). If I’m playing a club gig, I’ll often use Serato. On the producing side, I’m completely software based. I engineer with Ableton. Since people ask me all the time, I should also mention that my visuals are put together in Final Cut Pro. Also, Apple products all the way. No PCs!

aR-What music is playing while:
a. You’re eating someone’s brain

G-Dead CAT Bounce (ft A Girl & A Gun) – Deadhouse (Falkirk Remix)

b. Your funeral…actually that’s been and gone, which record did they spin?

G-Aha – Take On Me. It was my favourite song, when I was alive and well. It’s still one of the best music vids of all time.

aR-Finally give us a producer we should look up for 2012?

G-Keep a close ear on RSK
Surely we will as RSK together with aLLriGhT, Jaqwa, and Gobby Z are the guest remixes included in aLrT002 available now to download on all major digital stores.

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