"Alea iacta est"

I’m using the famous Caius Julius Cesar quote as the dice has really been cast and we are proud to announce the launch of “aLLriGhT ReCorDs” , the label is now up and running and we expect the first release out on March 1st 2012.
Mike talked you through the work in his previous post so all I have to say is that … IS BANGING! Coming out with the release we are crafting a video for the track “knowhat A mean”, which we’ll make public on the day of the release.
During the past months the label kept us very busy but we still had time to put together a dj set and you can listen/download it on the link below

Get yo mama high! by Allright on Mixcloud

aLLriGhT – Get yo mama high! (Dj Set) by aLLriGhT We hope you enjoy the listening as we enjoyed the doing, plus it will keep you up to speed on what to expect if you come to see us playing. And it looks like you won’t have to wait much longer as the nextaLLriGhT ReCorDs party is scheduled to happen on

February 24th 2012. The location is still our east base The Russian Bar and this time we have two new guests behind the mixer, electro house specialist Miky_B and warm up by Horse from “Down Under”. I’ve listened to their sets and found them very refreshing, just the right tone that’s fits with the label standards …. and yes we’ll be closing the night as usual with a nice selection, including exclusive material soon to be released on aLLriGhT ReCorDs.

Full details of the night on these links:

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