OnCe uPoN a TimE TherE WAs SaM CroWe

This is my first post, and because this is all about the music, I wanted to present to you a friend that taught me about music. Sam Crowe one of my piano tutors gave my class a series of lectures about how to express different moods through use of music. It was a mind blowing revelation!!! the fact that you can with predetermined “chord” shapes or using different “musical modes” make sound a song happy or dark, cheerful or sad, introduced me to the music language, the sound alphabet, a code to adopt to tell stories even without the use of words. PRETTY AWSOME ISN’T IT?
There is a lot to say on the subject but now I’m here to tell you about Sam, he is playing this weekend in London and you might be interested to listen to his musical stories.
Sam Crowe has just released an album with his band and is giving a free gig this Saturday at the Royal Festival Hall in London set starts at 4.30pm to 5.30pm. I highly recommend it if you like live music, well played by masters in the genre.
This is a link to his website and some videos


DO have a look, DO have a listen, DO enjoy aLLriGhT! ☺


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